Star Astrology 2018: Episode II. Dress for Your Zodiac Sign – Four Elements. The Element of Air.

Dress For Your Zodiac Sign

Bye-bye, Rooster! hello, Yellow Earth Dog! The new year 2018 requires all the best qualities of our loyal pet from gemini, Aquarius and Libra. These children of the Air element are always airy & fairy, easy & breathy. Find out their new lucky colors of the year 2018!

It’s impossible to tell an Aquarius what to wear. Independent and fashion-forward, you have a strong sense of style. Why not allow a pop of color — bright yellow or metallic golden?

If you are one of the Twins, you love mixing casual wear with funky statement pieces. The upcoming 2018 brings your power colors – orange, yellow and magenta!

A real fashionista, you go for luxurious and glamorous clothes made with good taste. Here’s a tip for you – ivory, blonde yellow and sandy are Libra’s new favorites.

Source: https://tissura.com/news/20171117/star-astrology-2018-episode-ii